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There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm in spite of the negative charges and violent turbulence by those whose minds and hearts are still embedded with hatred and malice: forever doing that which is not profitable for them and afflicting bodily harm to others.

There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm in spite of the disgruntled and negative attitudes of rich men who refuse to share the wealth to those who are poor and needy: forever doing that which is not profitable because of their conservative views and racial biases.

There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm in spite of the continual battle between the “Haves and the Have not’s” The “have’s” forever doing that which is not profitable towards the “have not’s” because they refuse to share out of the abundance of what they have.

There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm in spite of the various religions around the world that continues to divide themselves against each other by proclaiming that their god is the one and true god: forever doing that which is not profitable for themselves and others based on religious tradition and the doctrines of men.

There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm in spite of the many leaders of mega churches who have left their first love and compromised their faith by the material riches of the world: forever doing that which is not profitable for their congregations by leading them astray to be trapped and ensnared by the wiles of the devil.

There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm in spite of the false prophets and negative soothsayers that belch out words of falsities and who bare false witness against their neighbors: forever preaching condemnation and that which is not profitable for the righteous people and all hearers of the truth.

There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm and the people who know their God shall perform exploits and miracles and rise above the beggarly elements of this world: and forever they shall do that which is profitable not only for themselves, but for others and continually proclaim the truth of the Word of God. The people who have been called to proclaim the hope of glory shall prophetically flow in the Spirit of God.

There is a positive flow in the Spirit realm and forever moving in the positive realm shall it flow.

Se’-lah and Amen—

–Devon Wilford-Said
© January 2015 All Rights Reserved


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A True Testimony of Min. Devon Wilford-Said

In the Holy Bible, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life”… But, I’ve struggled for many years just too fully understand the reality of that truth.  From early childhood to my adulthood, I’d always considered myself to be a, “Seeker of Truth.”

But had many questions about just how to get to God…In fact, I’d read the Bible and wondered why the name of Jesus was mentioned so often.  “Jesus the Son of God,” and “Jesus the Son of Man; why was Jesus so controversial to mankind?  What was the comparison of him, to that of God?  There were so many things that I didn’t understand about Jesus.  But, I’ve always believed in God, and would say my prayers at night believing that he loved, and watched over me.

I’d recite, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I awake…” on my knees each night along with the 23rd Psalms.  No matter what time I’d went to bed– that prayer had to be recited before I could settle down, and finally drift off to sleep.  And whenever I had a bad day– I’d look up towards heaven and asked an invisible God—to whom I thought would be always watching over me, and that would assist me with my problems in life. Somehow those things made me feel reassured.   After all to me, God was my Heavenly Father–and only father in the absence of my real biological father.

My mind, through the years of growing up was constantly invaded with puzzling thoughts, and unanswered questions.   I’ve always known that I was linked to God in some way or the other, but I would not traditionally set myself up in one particular religion or form of worship.

My experiences varied with religious customs and belief systems.  As a matter of fact, I believe that was the reason…I was drawn to that Pentecostal storefront church back when I was a child. Yeah, I would clap my hands to the music and laugh at the people when they shouted because I had not fully understood why, or even what was going on?  After all to me and my younger sister they looked awfully funny!  But those feelings of curiosity and warmth continued to haunt me and lodged deep within my heart.  There was an unquenchable desire to be able to understand my true destiny.

I’d studied many types of religions and various forms of worship—and to my chagrin some good and plenty were bad especially when left untapped by the true and living God.  From studying under Jehovah Witnesses, attending Baptist churches, and Sunday School to Philosophy Studies of the Essenes, Mayan religion, Taoism, Pragmatic Mysticism, and a host of others.  Nothing seemed to quench the yearning in my soul for the real truth.  In fact, I thought that the knowledge I had obtained were only delusions, designed to throw me off from what was hidden deep inside. Just waiting to be opened, and released through my repentance and acceptance of the Lord.

Back when I was a teen, I had called on the Lord and accepted the confession part of it.  But when it came down to going under the water that’s when I drew the line mostly because fear had set in.

Many questions had bombarded my mind back then. Such as, why was I able to see in the spirit world at such a young age?  And what made me flee from my first ‘out of body experience’ on that cool autumn’s night at the age of seven.

I had found myself hovering over my lifeless body at one moment and then shivering from the cool of the night at the next.  And, why had I remembered the experience of being borne?  I felt for such a long time, that I had been the only one experiencing those strange things that was happening in my life?  I even remembered every spiritual encounter from the darkness and also the light?

Many years came and went and I was left wondering, God, what’s happening to me?  What was the truth about my unforeseen circumstances?  Sure, I’d learned many things, and was pressed to know even more.  But, what was the logical explanation about those dreams and visions, and my ability to foretell things before they happened?

Why had it been so important for me to say my prayers at night?  Also, where had the Jesus equation fit in all of it?  I had always addressed God, as Father, or Lord.  But I never quite understood the name of Jesus.  Yet, I had begun to feel that he must be recognized, and somehow be acquainted to God.  Or, it wouldn’t have pierced my heart with so much conviction.

When I studied the Bible under the Jehovah Witnesses, I loved the Word of God, But, I never fully understood what, “Paradise lost, and Paradise Regained,” meant?  Or why they had not recognized the man, “Jesus” as the mediator for God?  Their principles had been so confusing, and conflicting.  So much so that I’d finally grown into maturity and asked God for myself to show me the real truth; and grant me wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  I needed to know him and to my chagrin he answered my prayers.

I had finally decided to rededicate my life and confessed my sins unto God.  But, courage to be baptized in the name of Jesus came later around June 24th 1985.   Back in the fall of October’ 1986; I was filled with the Holy Spirit of God, and spoke with other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance.  It was a fluent unknown language and dialect from heaven and I had felt so much better than ever before!

My body had spiritually lifted off the floor of the altar that Sunday afternoon, and an electric blue mist surrounded me as tears streamed down from my face.  I felt as light as a feather on the way back to my seat when the glory cloud of the Lord had momentarily filled the entire sanctuary.  My belief in the awesomeness of GOD—and of the power in the name of Jesus whose name meant, “Salvation to God,” had finally awakened my mind to the real truth.

Christ, which means, “Messiah” or the “Anointed One,” was the Heavenly Father’s mediator sent to deliver man from his sins and relay His message of love to all humanity.  Yes, I understood now that I was one of God’s chosen vessels that He gave His Holy Spirit to dwell inside.  But, most of all I knew that no man could get to the Father except he be first drawn and led by the spirit through his Anointed, Jesus or Yeshua in Hebrew.

Not only had I understood the importance of how to relate to Jesus as Lord because of his status with God.  But, I knew that we as a people must acknowledge him in everything that’s pertaining to life and godliness.  The Holy Spirit was sent as the comforter from Jesus, and now teaches us and bears witness with our spirit that we are the Sons and Daughters of the Most High, and that we belong to Him.

Yes, the real truth about Jesus had now set in and I was no longer fooled by the many voices spoken in the world.  I had now identified with the real true voice that had always been within my heart and his name is—JESUS who is, “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  #

NOTE: This testimonial came from the mind and heart of the author based on her personal life experiences, and struggles to find the hidden truth of her own spirituality.

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