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I can be happy, mellow, or sad—

May be green with envy and sometimes mad

I can be up, down, or even in between

I can tease, be loving, and also very mean

Or like a computer that’s gone out of whack!

I can give a smile, and or take it back


I can yield to the left, or stay on the right—

I can be cool as a cucumber, or even uptight

I can be nice, considerate and easier to get along

Or scream and shout, if you dare get me wrong


I can be as an ocean tide, high or very low—

Negative or positive, or however you know

I can be witty, loving, and even enthused

Sometimes bored, less exciting and crying the blues


Only you can determine just how I shall be—

For I live your emotions where the heartstring pulls me

If you keep me up, and on a positive spree

Then I’ll be well behaved, less moody and free;


An excerpt from the book: “From Within: A Collection of Inspirational Poetry and Creative Expression” 

Written by: Devon Wilford-Said, Humble Servant Author-Poet

© 2012-14 All Rights Reserved







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For I delight in you, says the Lord; and you are the most treasured of my possessions. Therefore lift up your heads from on high and rejoice in the one who has created all things. You are overcoming even as I have overcome from the adversities of this life.

For I delight in you, says the Lord; and you will walk in the abundance of joy and peace. Therefore keep a guard over your hearts, and do not fear even as I have given you my perfect love to cast out all fear.

For I delight in you, says the Lord; and you shall know the truth of my Word that is hidden in you. Therefore study it and show yourselves approved even as I have given you the tongue of the learned, that you should know how to speak it.

For I delight in you, says the Lord; and you will rise above your enemies and those who would persecute you for righteousness sake.  Therefore put on your full armor of God, and stand in the battlefield.

For I delight in you, says the Lord; and you shall shine as lights; therefore walk in the light as I am in the light. You are the redeemed of the Lord even as I have proclaimed you to be from the foundation of the world: sought out and a city not forsaken.

For I delight in you, says the Lord; and what things so ever you desire when you pray, as you believe you shall have them—and whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that shall I do for you.

For I delight in you, says the Lord; and you are my beloved who have been justified by faith, and have peace with me. Therefore let my peace surpass your understanding; and always look to me the author, and the finisher of your faith.

For I delight in you, says the Lord; and one day you shall see my face; and my name shall be written in your foreheads—and surely I shall come quickly even so, all that would believe shall say—“Come Lord Jesus.”   Selah.

–Devon Wilford-Said

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Wisdom is knowledge that must be understood;
It cannot be hidden for too long or ignored.
A troubled people shall have much need of it;
Wisdom speaks through solidarity and struggle
It must be pursued daily from the mind’s hidden core.

Wisdom speaks from the mouth of the “Ancient of Days”
Its words shall be made manifest to teach about life.
Arrogance and pride is devoured by its message of love;
It must change the hearts of downtrodden souls
That cries out in pain from the affliction of remorse.

Wisdom is the interpretation of inner thoughts;
It cannot be held back from a heart that speaks.
For with it a society shall yearn to be often unveiled;
Wisdom speaks through the spirit of birth and rebirth
It must be ignited by the flames of life that we seek.

Wisdom echoes down through the years in time;
With a message from the wings of an eagle that soars.
It cannot be silenced or hidden away deep in a box;
Wisdom is humanity’s purpose that cannot be stopped
It’s foretold through the centuries with a destiny that roars.

Wisdom comes alive with obedience to the Father’s command;
It cannot be rejected or denied as empty words unheard.
From a people that rebels against the truth when revealed;
Wisdom is the innocence of a child that’s sent to be born
Its compassion and love spreads abundant joy undisturbed.

“Embrace the wisdom of life and live for eternity.”

–Devon Wilford-Said
© 2014 Revised All Rights Reserved

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Come Lord we need your presence each day in all that we do,
Come Lord and take us up that we may be forever with you;

Come Lord and give us grace therefore to supply all our needs,
Come Lord lead our steps that we can walk upright and succeed;

Come Lord and pour out of your Spirit upon our miserable flesh,
Come Lord and heal the brokenness of our troubled soul unrest;

Come Lord and give us peace and embrace us again within your care,
Come Lord and show us again of hidden mysteries from angels unaware;

Come Lord with your agape love and fill our hearts anew and restore,
Come Lord and increase our faith that we may serve you even the more;

Come Lord let us enter into your rest after our earthly journey has ceased,
Come Lord and be glorified for immortality has been fulfilled and is released;

Even so “Come Lord,” JESUS… #

–Devon Wilford-Said, Author-Poet
© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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“I Say No More”

I say no more—to the senseless killings of our loved ones by gun violence and leaving behind mothers and fathers, with extended families left in tears as they weep.

I say no more—to cowardly men who continuously attack and violently rape so many vulnerable young women, and innocent girls unaware—then afterwards walk away with no remorse by leaving them violated, and disheveled with torn bodies bruised and left half-naked on the streets.

I say no more—to heartless people with money and in positions of power and wealth who refuses to give, and or lend a helping hand up to those that they see who may be in need.

I say no more—to the self-serving bigots, uppity aristocrats, and racists with no love at all to share belching out from their hearts with their lips only contention and strife mixed with hatred, lustful desires, and only greed for more power.

I say no more—to the hypocrisy of many of today’s churches who have forgotten their first love and who preach not the gospel of Jesus Christ…but for the love of money they will give up their own souls in their quest for more even at the last hour.

I say no more—to the innocent children being killed by the hands of their own parents in such horrible ways as they scream out in pain but still reaching out for their love.

I say no more—to those who already know “right from wrong” and “good from evil” but they continue to choose that which is wrong over that which is right; they disrespect themselves and each other with arrogance and foolish pride not knowing that one day we shall all have to give an account to Him which comes from above…

I say no more— (to be continued)

By: Devon Wilford-Said

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Lord, I trust you during my times of despair

Lord when I need you—I know that you’re always there

Lord without you my life is just so incomplete

Lord, I give you my all and worship at your feet

Lord, you are the “Mighty One” from on High!

Lord without your spirit my soul is left to die

Lord I truly need the more of you each day

Lord, I will give you true worship whenever I pray


Lord, I need you and I love you with all of me

Lord when my mind is renewed—my spirit will always be free

Lord without your forgiveness of my trespasses and sins

Lord, my heart would be deeply sorrowful from within

Lord, I trust you and I cast out all fear

Lord because with your agape love—you will always be near

Lord without your guidance my life is so incomplete

Lord, I’ll give you all my love and worship at your feet

Lord, I trust you during the many times of doubt

Lord because my faith lets me know—that all things will be worked out

Lord I truly thank you for all that you continue to do

Lord, I’ll lift my hands to worship you always—‘In spirit, and in truth’


–Devon Wilford-Said

© 2013 All Rights Reserved


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Let us come together as a people and humanity and let us give love
Let us begin to reach out to the hurting souls that need our support
Let us come to know the truth regarding how we can come together as one
Let us reach out and open our hearts to receive a Heavenly Father’s love
And remember that the darkness from times past will never bring forth the light
Let us come to together as a people and let us give love

Let the people who dare think that the color of their skin or wealth demands supremacy
For there is only one who is superior and who is above us all our Creator
Let us reach out to the poor and needy; and share the wealth to sustain them on the earth
Let the governments of the land realize that they must rule justly on behalf of all people
Let us comfort the broken hearted and them that mourn for life is too short
Let us come to together as a people and let us give love

Let us extend our hands to that child who may be hurting from being violated and abused
Let us stop the killing, stealing, the bigotry, and hate before it’s too late
Let us forget about who is better looking, or who has more money or wealth
For the love of money is the root of all evil and looks can be deceiving
Let us try to show some compassion to the weary, lost and the misunderstood
Let us come to together as a people and let us give love

Let us give a smile and, or a big hug to those who yearn to be shown some affection
And remember that we need each other and that we’re “our brother’s keeper “
Let us take out time to feel another’s pain from suffering the hardships of this life
Let us find solace in our hearts to know that we’re not any better than anyone else
For our lives is but a vapor of smoke that vanishes in the wind
Let us come to together as a people and let us give love

Let us form a circle of prayers for those of us who may be lost in despair
Let us remember to give high praises to our Heavenly Father for his grace, mercy and care
For truly without Him we know within our hearts that we can do nothing
Let us teach our children to love and respect life and show them the right way to go
Let us remember to forgive, to confess our faults one to another; and to be healed
Let us come to together as a people and let us give love! Selah.

–Devon Wilford-Said
© 2012 All Rights Reserved

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