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I can be happy, mellow, or sad—

May be green with envy and sometimes mad

I can be up, down, or even in between

I can tease, be loving, and also very mean

Or like a computer that’s gone out of whack!

I can give a smile, and or take it back


I can yield to the left, or stay on the right—

I can be cool as a cucumber, or even uptight

I can be nice, considerate and easier to get along

Or scream and shout, if you dare get me wrong


I can be as an ocean tide, high or very low—

Negative or positive, or however you know

I can be witty, loving, and even enthused

Sometimes bored, less exciting and crying the blues


Only you can determine just how I shall be—

For I live your emotions where the heartstring pulls me

If you keep me up, and on a positive spree

Then I’ll be well behaved, less moody and free;


An excerpt from the book: “From Within: A Collection of Inspirational Poetry and Creative Expression” 

Written by: Devon Wilford-Said, Humble Servant Author-Poet

© 2012-14 All Rights Reserved







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