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Lord, I trust you during my times of despair

Lord when I need you—I know that you’re always there

Lord without you my life is just so incomplete

Lord, I give you my all and worship at your feet

Lord, you are the “Mighty One” from on High!

Lord without your spirit my soul is left to die

Lord I truly need the more of you each day

Lord, I will give you true worship whenever I pray


Lord, I need you and I love you with all of me

Lord when my mind is renewed—my spirit will always be free

Lord without your forgiveness of my trespasses and sins

Lord, my heart would be deeply sorrowful from within

Lord, I trust you and I cast out all fear

Lord because with your agape love—you will always be near

Lord without your guidance my life is so incomplete

Lord, I’ll give you all my love and worship at your feet

Lord, I trust you during the many times of doubt

Lord because my faith lets me know—that all things will be worked out

Lord I truly thank you for all that you continue to do

Lord, I’ll lift my hands to worship you always—‘In spirit, and in truth’


–Devon Wilford-Said

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