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In my heart beats the beat of a drum for God’s peace and love in a divided world that’s spiraling out of control. We must come together and love one another unconditionally before it is too late.  Our time is short and the Lord’s judgment will fall swiftly upon the heads of the unjust! Beware for the end of days shall come suddenly upon us as does a thief within the night. We must seek the Lord while He can be found; and trust that His love will conquer all. 

The senseless killing, violence and destruction must cease.  Each soul was created to have an abundant life, and not to be snuffed out by the hands of wicked and evil men and women without cause. 

Teach your children the fear of the Lord, and reverence His holy name with humility and virtue.  Cry out to God, and fall down on your knees for the hour for repentance is now.  Search your hearts and if there be any wicked thoughts purge it out with the blood of the Lamb and you shall be forgiven.  Ask him to wash you and make you clean. 

In my heart beats the beat of a drum for the salvation of souls in the harvest of God’s Kingdom on earth.  We must forgive and be forgiven; and seek peace and pursue it.  Our time is short and the Lord’s wrath will fall swiftly upon the children of disobedience!

Beware of self-pity, hopelessness, and despair because we must have faith in God.  Let the weak say that, “I am strong—and be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”  We can overcome in all things if we come together and live righteously in peace and in love because “the time is at hand.”

–Devon Wilford-Said

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