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My heart is sometimes overwhelmed within me with sadness because of the ignorance of many men who show forth racial bias toward others because they may not have the same skin color, origin, ethnicity, and or religious bias.  They even hate the president of the United States simply because his color is different.  They have minds that harbor violence and evil thoughts; and with their mouth they speak what it is in their hearts that they may sow strife with only seeds of discord.  But I believe Lord that you will have the last say concerning us all.

Father, in the name of Jesus I pray that you deliver the hearts of those evil men that they may repent of their evil doings; and let them know that one day they too will have to stand before you the Righteous Judge of us all…and be held accountable for all their works.  Lord, I ask that you shine down your light upon those who have been taken advantage of and ridiculed because of their humanity.  We all have been fearfully and wonderfully made by you our Creator and Sustainer.

Thank you Lord, that “no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper and tongue that rise against us in judgment…we shall condemn.”  Father I give you the glory and thank you in advance for your unconditional love towards us.  And I know that we shall overcome all things as we believe and stand fast in the faith according to your Word, in Jesus name Amen and let it be so…#

–Min. Devon Wilford-Said


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