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Listen to hear the sound of the voice of His Word speaking softly through the pristine waters of the soul. Breathe in the breath of life and allow your spirit to soar high above the firmament; and reach out to embrace His agape love as it bathes you within His marvelous light.

One moment in time…

Feel the presence of his glory all around and from within.  Florescent hues of golden light mixed with the divine of multi-colored splendor. Your body now relaxed with fixed eyes upon the glorious image that surrounds this place.

One moment in time…

Bold white fluffy clouds like fresh mountain snow unfolds the depths of this space. Listen, and in the distance you’ll hear the flutters of many wings from white doves that fly over ever so peacefully.  As sudden clouds have darkened with lightning flashes from one end of the heavens to the other; I say unto you—listen and hear the voice of His Word as it speaks the sound of thunderous roars that’s pitched down into the depths of the earth below.

One moment in time…

Listen to hear and catch the wave of Spirit hovering over you through the ethereal realm of the space continuum. Where there’s nothing but love and peace permeating from above. Hush and be still and know that He is that peace which surpasses all your understanding and shout unto the Lord! Glory, Hallelujah and always remember this moment.

One moment in time…

–Devon Wilford-Said

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